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Have you worried about global warming, the dwindling petroleum supply, and how these will effect your life? Imagine if you lived in the place that has the cleanest air and ocean on the planet. On a farm that can grow enough food to feed hundreds, with ample rainfall, a 10,000 gallon water catchment and purification system, and an excellent stand alone solar electric system. The pristine environment here leads to radiant good health. Nature provides everything you need. And you’ll never pay another utility bill again, nor worry about your dependence on big oil.

This property is in an exceptional area: the Puna peninsula, which makes up the eastern district of the Big Island of Hawaii. Our farm is surrounded by 3,000 acres of agricultural land that is backed by a 1,600 acre forest preserve. Most of the nearby farms either raise horses, grow papayas or cultivate orchids. Privacy is complete on our farm because the land is surrounded by a natural tree fence. Adding to the serenity of this property is the fact that we are on a private road that has no through traffic. Naialuna Farm is the last house upon the road, therefore not even the neighbors drive by. There are five other houses on the road, the closest about a quarter mile away, and no other houses are visible from the land. The nearest street lights are seven miles away, so at night you see the milky way and millions of stars. You will sleep in peace: no traffic noises, no sirens, no buzzing street lights. Only the gentle sounds of the ocean, the rain on the roof, and the occasional call of an owl or whinny of a horse.

The food that we grow here is amazing, high in minerals and bursting with vitality. You will notice an increase in your energy levels as soon as you start eating it. In addition to what we grow here, there are many local farmers producing a variety of fine foods, from fruits and vegetables to milk and cheese to grass fed lamb and beef. The ocean provides abundant fish, lobsters and shrimp. You will drink pure rain water. This way of living “close to the vine” has tremendous health benefits. And in addition to the great fresh food, the opportunities to exercise in a pollution free environment are many. We enjoy going to the ocean, and there are both swimming and surfing beaches just a few miles away. There are natural hot springs along the coast that are filled half with spring water and half with ocean water. There are miles of unpaved roads surrounding the farm to walk, run, horseback ride and mountain bike on. And there are so many hikes available on the Big Island that in ten years we have not yet done                               them all.

This morning we had a platter of delicious fruits from our orchards: sweet red papaya, fresh turkish figs, kajang star fruit, refreshing rambutan, and fragrant white pineapple. Until you have tasted fruit just picked from the tree you have not lived. Tree ripened fruit is luscious, juicy and bursting with flavor. It smells heavenly. It makes you smile. What a way to start the day!

Every one of your senses will be soothed at Naialuna Farm. The gentle sound of cane grass in the wind, the cheerful songs of birds, the thrumming of rain on the roof and the faraway sound of the ocean at night all combine to ease your mind into a state of tranquility. The smell of warm rain and good earth, sunny days, the tropical breeze, and the vibrant tastes of the fruits and vegetables you grow all combine to satisfy you deeply. We traded our high stress work environment for harmony with nature, and a new kind of work that strengthens and invigorates the body. You are literally feeding yourself, and years of tension and emotional conflict dissolve into healthy living. Our relationship with each other has been strengthened here, and whoever buys the farm will be inheriting a place where we have been very happy. Having this kind of history in your new home is a wonderful thing.

10,000 gallon water tank