For Sale By Owner

Naialuna Farm is uniquely valuable in it's combination of acreage, tillable soil (a very rare commodity on this rocky island), a comfortable home, a guest cabin, established orchards and raised bed gardens. All in a very private setting with ocean view. Few properties combine all of these features and those that do are priced higher than what we are asking.

Browse local listings in the Puna district of the Big Island and you will see that there are very few properties greater than five acres for sale near our asking price, and fewer still are on land that has been improved, cleared or cultivated.

Real estate is Hawaii has always been a good investment. Property values in Hawaii rarely ever drop, and when they rise, they rise dramatically. Look at Oahu, Maui or Kona as historical examples, and you will see what a good idea investing in land in a less developed part of Hawaii can be. Search for property in almost any other area of the Hawaiian islands and you will see what a great value this farm is on today’s market.

The asking price for the farm includes everything you need to live and work upon the farm, including dishes, furniture, bedding, appliances, farm machinery and implements, soil amendments, agriculture books, power tools and hand tools, a solar electric system with a back up generator, and a 10,000 gallon water catchment and purification system. Buying a turn key operation makes it much easier if you are moving from the mainland, or if you plan to only be here for part of the year.

We realize that not everyone who is interested in this property will be interested in farming. There is no necessity to maintain it as a farm unless you wish to. It could be simply an awesome house site with great orchards. If you need assistance with farm maintenance, we have excellent, trustworthy workers who know how to manage and maintain the property. If you have little experience with horticulture or living on solar power and need guidance, the current owners are more than happy to share their knowledge with you and will remain available to answer questions after the sale is final. There are many free resources available to you from the community, including the University of Hawaii School of Agriculture, the Hawaii Organic Farmers Association and the USDA, all of whom offer courses and workshops. We can also give you names of professional farm consultants.

Regardless of how you finance it, the taxes on this property are an incredibly low $25 per year. That’s right, twenty five dollars per year. Previously they had been $477 per year, but when we converted the barn to an agricultural dwelling that lowered the rate considerably, since farmers who have a farm dwelling on their land are afforded a special rate. If you decided to build a new house and convert the barn back to a designation of agricultural building, you would still be eligible for this deduction, so long as one of the buildings is a living space.

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It is legal to run a Vacation Rental on this property without any permits, so long as you do not advertise it as a "Bed & Breakfast." B&Bs require a hotelier's permit.

We are willing to give an owner financed mortgage to the right people, provided there is a large down payment. Owner financing has many advantages. We agree upon the terms together rather than you accepting the bank’s set terms. You will pay no points or closing costs on the mortgage, which saves you considerable money. We will share the costs of producing the documentation of the loan. And together we will come up with a fair assessment of what constitutes default and foreclosure, so that if you have a temporary cash flow shortage you won’t lose your investment. Additionally, interest paid on an owner financed mortgage is tax deductible, just like interest paid on a bank mortgage.