Imagine a life in Hawaii, a life of vibrant vitality, radiant good health, and the serenity that comes from living in harmony with nature. Eat delicious healthy food everyday, listen to the sound of the ocean, swim, surf or soak in the hot geothermal springs. Enjoy the pristine night sky, drink in fresh air, and move toward a happier you. Check out our Photo Gallery to see the beauty of the land, the exotic fruits we grow, and the natural splendor of this area. Have fun browsing our website, and give us a call for more details, or to arrange a visit.
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For Sale By Owner
This beautiful organic farm spreads a graceful 10.72 acres, with an ocean view, a 1,760 square foot barn converted into a home, and a 370 square foot guest cabin. The property contains orchards, raised bed gardens, a tree nursery, woods and grassland. It slopes gently towards the sea, which is less than two miles away. Being on the ocean side of the hill, the farm catches the trade winds and therefore stays cool and has no mosquitoes. Surf spots, black sand beaches, tide pools and natural hot ponds are a stone's throw away. The area is known as “Sunny Kapoho,” because in the daytime the trade winds blow clouds up the mountain, bringing fresh air and blue skies. At night the winds drop and the clouds roll down with ample rain, averaging 90 inches per year. This is the perfect weather for growing plants. It’s wonderful for people too. Imagine a life in one of the last unspoiled places in Hawaii...